GoREst: Go Rating Estimator


GoR Estimator allows Go (weiki, baduk) players in European tournaments to guess in advance how many EGF points they will gain or lose in their next go match, based on their own and their opponent's Go Rating Score, handicap...

It is a tiny J2ME application for use in small devices like mobile phones. It helps Go players to know how important their next match will be.

Formulas used come from the official European Go Federation pages. Since they use approximations, only an estimation can be made. The rating for each player is officially handled by EGF, and it is updated once per month.

You can contact me at : agusmba at users.sourceforge.net (replace at by @).


Sun Feb 12 2006 Version 0.2 Released
First Release. See the Download link on the left. The zip file includes the jar and jad files for you to upload to the phone. Remember, you need to have a J2ME enabled phone. I've built it for CLDC-1.1, MIDP-2.0 but other configurations may also work. Let me know if you have any problems with it. The sourcecode has been uploaded to sourceforge's CVS. Wait a few hours for it to be seen in the annonymous CVS.

I added a couple of screenshots also. Actually my phone has a smaller screen, but the form works fine. If you have problems seeing the Ok button, just scroll down the screen.
Sun Feb 12 2006 Experimental CSS
I finally chose to follow the layout of AnimeLamp's page. However, I modified the CSS style to use the transparency effect seen in the Complex Spiral Demo. It doesn't look very good in IE6, sorry. Please try it out with Firefox and rejoice ;-)
The website is not ready yet. Some of the links in the menu don't really work, save for the Roadmap. Well I linked them with the appropiate page in sourceforge, so at least they link to a meaningful place.
Thu Feb 09 2006 Uploaded an index.html
I just uploaded my first html to the project. It's an almost empty page, but I wanted to test how to upload pages. Now I need to settle on a design and flesh out the contents. I want to use a nice CSS so I can forget about html tables, A List Apart looks promising.
Mon Feb 06 2006 Registered project in Sourceforge
Sourceforge registered GoREst.
Soon I'll update a quick web page, later I'll post a compiled version of the MDIP application.